The best fake tans for pale skin

As I was blessed with very pale skin, I have been using fake tan for a while now. I have tried so many tans that made my skin so orange and looked awful! So I'm here to save my fellow pale readers.

Bondi Sands- Dark

I'm guessing you have heard of Bondi Sands. It is a super popular tan, and for a good reason too. Their tan is super even and has a great colour. It is a green based tan, which means it doesn't go orange. Even if you are pale, I would suggest the dark colour. I used to use the light to medium tan but have found that the dark has a much nicer colour.

Me with Bondi Sands Dark

Le Tan- Dark or Ultra Dark

I have used Le Tan products for a while and find that the 'dark' tan has the nicest colour. The lighter colours I have found tend to go a bit orange. I tried the ultra dark a while ago when it first came out and it is actually so good! Although I am very pale, it was so even and looked so natural! I definitely recommend it.

Me with Le Tan Ultra Dark

Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer 

This tan is a fantastic tan for a lighter all over glow. I was looking for an everyday tan for ages before I came across this one and it is so good! You don't need to apply much and it acts as a moisturiser and self-tanner. So win-win! It is also super cheap and can just be purchased at the chemist.

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